Building Fudge (x86)


Building a cross-compiler (x86).

Get the source

Fudge is hosted on github. Clone the source code using git and cd into the cloned folder:

$ git clone git://
$ cd fudge

Set the PATH environment variable

In this example the cross-compiler was installed in /home/foo/x-tools/x86-unknown-elf/. Change this to match your setup. If you haven't made any major modifications you just need to change foo to your username.

$ export PATH=/home/foo/x-tools/x86-unknown-elf/bin:$PATH

IMPORTANT: The PATH modifications will be gone as soon as you leave the current session or start another. This means that you will need to reset it from time to time.


$ make ARCH=x86

You should now have a binary called fudge and an image called fudge.cpio in the top folder.

Next step

Running Fudge in QEMU (x86).

Installing Fudge on a physical machine.